Ferrari prank proves all 3.5 billion women are exactly the same (apparently).

All 3.5 billion women on planet Earth only care about money, according to Elite Daily, anyway.

The site posted a video made by the Youtube channel “TrueStoryASA,” in which four men go around Las Vegas getting women to take a ride with them in a Ferrari.

The men go up to random women and ask them to show them around the city, to which the women refuse. The women change their mind after they’re offered the prospect of driving around the city in the brand new Ferrari.

Apparently, this means that women are all gold-diggers who will do anything to be with a rich guy. It obviously has nothing to do with the fact that people like nice cars, because thinking like that wouldn’t allow people to slut-shame women.

What a lovely shirt. Copyright VitalyzedTV

The video is similar to one posted a few weeks ago, in which a man in a horrible shirt, which would turn almost anyone off, asks a woman to go out to dinner with the (not-at-all-creepy) opening line, “Hey, cutie.” That video produced equally misogynistic comments about how women were all “dumb sluts who only care about money,” whilst failing to acknowledge that the man asked the woman out solely on her appearance (which is obviously much better than being attracted to someone because of their car); and the fact that women face street harassment from creepy guys all the bloody time, so turning the guy down is more than understandable.

Answer honestly: if some random guy came up to you out of the blue and asked you to show him around where you live, would you do it? Do you think you’d be more likely to show him around if you got the chance to show him around in a Ferrari?

The guys in the video didn’t ask the women if they wanted to go out with them, they asked them to show them around, so there’s not even any reason to believe that the women got in the car in the hopes of starting a relationship with the men. In fact, if you did this experiment targeting a group of men, you’d probably get similar results, because the prospect of driving around in a Ferrari is an attractive one to lots of people.

I wonder how many women they had to edit out, too, because the chances of all the women they asked agreeing to go out with them are pretty small. But, selective editing makes it far easier to portray women as “gold-digging sluts” than honesty does.